Prosthetic Dentistry

A missing tooth not only harms your appearance but can also effect your ability to speak and chew. Not to forget, it can hurt your overall dental health. We take pride in providing state of the art prosthetic dentistry services that can help you restore the functionality of your tooth and boost your confidence

Dentures implants

dentures notonly helpsin restoring your smile , but they can also assist you in eating properly. There are mainly two types :

a) Complete denture: in this, patient’s teeth are entirely replaced . The dentures sit on the top of gum, ensuring a natural look.

b) Removable partial denture : when the remaining natural teeth cannot provide support to replace missing teeth in a bridge like fashion, removable partial denture is advised. This is also an economic solution to replace missing teeth. It is simple to remove and reseat in the mouth by the patient. There are many variants of removable partial dentures like flexible denture, denture supported by wqprecision attachment, a basic removable partial denture etc. Be it of any kind, these should be removed at night before going to sleep .

Fixed partial dentures

commonly referred to as “ bridge”. It is used to replace multiple missing teeth by taking support from adjacent teeth for anchorage. The teeth which are taken as anchorage are shaped on which crowns are placed. To these crowns the missing teeth crowns are attached hence forming a bridge.

Smile designing

teeth which are crooked / irregularly placed or in wrong dimensions which cannot be corrected by orthodontic treatment are the candidates for smile designing.

This is a comprehensive treatment that involves a multidisciplinary approach . it aims not only at providing a beautiful smile and good function but also providing harmony between teeth and the face.

This can be done either by veneers, crowns or indirect composites . the material of choice is dependent on the amount of correction that is needed.

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