Pediatric and Preventive dentistry Services

pediatric and preventive dentistry

When is the right time to bring my child to visit the dentist? This is the biggest dilemma which every parent faces.

The answer to this is, as soon as the first tooth erupts .

Preventive dentistry aims at preventing any disease or disability from happening, like teaching the child correct brushing technique , inculcating healthy habits from a very tender age, reinforcing good habits , educating the child that bad oral health is the portal to a very bad general overall health tec.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

This treatment involves placing a sealant to seal the deep pits and fissures in permanent back teeth. Doing this prevents the tooth from getting decayed in future.

Space maintainers

It is an appliance fixed in the child’s mouth after a milk tooth falls out. The function of this appliance is to maintain space for the permanent tooth to erupt in the place of the fallen milk tooth. If this is not placed the teeth behind and in front to the fallen milk tooth migrate and cover this space which makes it difficult for the permanent tooth to erupt.

Topical fluoride application

These are professionally applied fluorides by the dentist and cant be applied at home The function of fluorides is to prevent tooth decay in caries prone children.

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