Periodontal Services

Cleaning Or Scaling

poor oral hygiene, improper brushing technique and sometimes certain underlying health concerns results in formation of tartar on the tooth surface. Because of this the tooth appears yellow . there will be bleeding from gums during brushing, bad breath etc. these deposits are hard and can only be removed at a dentist by using an ultrasonic scaler and the procedure is a painless one.

In order to prevent reoccurrence of such deposits we advise a timely visit, preferably every 6 months, for all age groups from children to adults and elderly. We also teach you a proper brushing technique and oral hygiene habits for good maintenance.

Flap Surgery

when the tartar deposits get unchecked for a prolonged period of time, the microbes present in tartar begin to infect the underlying gums and the bone.

This leads to decrease of gum level, food lodgment between the teeth and gums , loosening of teeth , bad breath, bleeding gums Such advanced condition is called periodontitis.

This can be treated by flap surgery. In this procedure, the gums are reflected and the underlying tooth surface is cleaned and if needed bone graft is placed. After the procedure sutures are placed which are to be removed after a week. Regular maintenance is the key for the success of flap surgery.

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