Conservative and endodontic services

Tooth color fillings

Tooth decay is very common now a days because of sugar rich diet of urban population. The sugars in the diet are the main culprits for tooth decay. This decay if left unchecked results in pain and damage to the tooth. Esthetic tooth color fillings are placed after the decay is removed in a painless simple procedure. This not only removes the decay but also prevents further progress of the caries preventing the damage to tooth.

Root canal treatment

This procedure aims at saving a damaged tooth or infected tooth rather than removing it. most common symptom that indicates a tooth may require root canal treatment is pain. Pain is usually caused when the decay reaches the pulp portion of tooth . when this happens , a simple filling cannot relieve the pain, instead root canal treatment should be done. Root canal treatment is usually done in a single sitting if there is no infection in the underlying bone. If there is an infection then 2 or more sittings may be needed. This procedure involves removal of the tooth pulp and filling it with a bio inert material. This is a painless procedure and is done under local anaesthesia.

Teeth whitening

Who doesn’t like a bright smile? Answer to this question is all of us. Most people think they have yellow teeth even when the teeth are natural to the ethnic origin and race of the person. Such teeth do not require any whitening.

So when do u need whitening?

  • Dark or yellow teeth caused by fluorosis( caused by high fluoride content in water)
  • Denetic reasons where teeth are extremely dark or yellow
  • Due to a particular type of oral flora called chromatic bacteria.
  • Defects in teeth calcification which may lead to discoloration
  • Tea stains or nicotine stains due to smoking or discoloration due to beetle chewing

These are a few conditions that may need whitening . Whitening may be done using LASER or by using a bleach. The number of sittings depend on the severity of discoloration present. This is a harmless procedure and doesn’t effect the enamel of the tooth.

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