Orthodontic services

orthodontic Treatment

Commonly referred to as braces or clips. This treatment involves placing clips/ wires or braces to your teeth to set them right .

When do u need Braces ?

  • Classical sign is crowded teeth or crooked teeth.
  • Inability to clean your teeth due to crookedness
  • When you see spaces between your teeth
  • When the front upper and lower teeth do not meet each other
  • When you hear click when you open or close the jaw
  • When your tongue or cheek frequently fall between your back teeth resulting in biting
  • When you breath through mouth instead of nose
  • When you have lisping or when u are unable to pronounce certain words or sounds.
  • When your milk teeth fall off early

These are a few conditions that require orthodontic intervention

What age people can undergo this treatment?

Children as young as 7 years old to adults as old as 50 years can undergo braces treatment.
Types of braces :

  • Metal braces – these are stainless steel braces , metallic in color
  • Ceramic braces – braces made of porcelain, resemble the color of tooth and not very visible
  • Lingual braces – which are placed in the inside portion ( towards tongue or palate) of teeth to make them invisible
  • Aligners – most advanced and invisible braces .

Duration of treatment ?

  • It depends on the severity of crookedness .
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