Maxillo facial surgery

Tooth removal

Tooth removal is usually suggested when the tooth is damaged beyond repair, generally a badly decayed tooth, loosened tooth, a broken one etc. it is a painless procedure done under local anesthesia. it takes a week time to heal under normal conditions after which the patient is recalled for a check up and are given possible replacement options.

wisdom tooth removal/disimpaction

Most of us have wisdom teeth coming out in a completely wrong direction or incompletely erupted or sometimes inside the bone but close to the adjacent tooth’s root causing pain, swelling or sometimes without any symptoms. Such wisdom teeth are removed through a minor surgical procedure performed by our experienced ORAL MAXILLO FACIAL SURGEON. Wisdom teeth need not be replaced.

We at our clinic follow very strict sterilization protocol and make sure to offer an aseptic treatment environment which makes it ideal to perform any type of minor surgeries.

Dental implants

dental implant is the most advanced method of replacing missing teeth. These are useful in replacement from a single missing tooth to providing fixed teeth solution in patients with no teeth at all .

Dental implant is a bio-compatible Titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone . after placing in the bone, it is left in that site for a period of 3 months. This is the healing phase which allows it to fuse into the bone. After 3 months it is uncovered and a crown is placed over it in the subsequent appointments.

We master in all kinds of dental implant procedures . we take pride in saying that we did the 1st zygomatic implant case in the region of east Godavari district.

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