Conservative and endodontic services

Tooth color fillings Tooth decay is very common now a days because of sugar rich diet of urban population. The sugars in the diet are the main culprits for tooth decay. This decay if left unchecked results in pain and damage to the tooth. Esthetic tooth color fillings are placed after the decay is removed… Continue reading Conservative and endodontic services

Pediatric and Preventive dentistry Services

pediatric and preventive dentistry When is the right time to bring my child to visit the dentist? This is the biggest dilemma which every parent faces. The answer to this is, as soon as the first tooth erupts . Preventive dentistry aims at preventing any disease or disability from happening, like teaching the child correct… Continue reading Pediatric and Preventive dentistry Services

Orthodontic services

orthodontic Treatment Commonly referred to as braces or clips. This treatment involves placing clips/ wires or braces to your teeth to set them right . When do u need Braces ? Classical sign is crowded teeth or crooked teeth. Inability to clean your teeth due to crookedness When you see spaces between your teeth When… Continue reading Orthodontic services

Periodontal Services

Cleaning Or Scaling poor oral hygiene, improper brushing technique and sometimes certain underlying health concerns results in formation of tartar on the tooth surface. Because of this the tooth appears yellow . there will be bleeding from gums during brushing, bad breath etc. these deposits are hard and can only be removed at a dentist… Continue reading Periodontal Services

Prosthetic Dentistry

A missing tooth not only harms your appearance but can also effect your ability to speak and chew. Not to forget, it can hurt your overall dental health. We take pride in providing state of the art prosthetic dentistry services that can help you restore the functionality of your tooth and boost your confidence Dentures… Continue reading Prosthetic Dentistry

Maxillo facial surgery

Tooth removal Tooth removal is usually suggested when the tooth is damaged beyond repair, generally a badly decayed tooth, loosened tooth, a broken one etc. it is a painless procedure done under local anesthesia. it takes a week time to heal under normal conditions after which the patient is recalled for a check up and… Continue reading Maxillo facial surgery